Wordpress speak to URL Freezer

If you are using Wordpress now you can easily use URL Freezer

Prevent Broken Links

Prevent broken links instead of fixing them afterward!!

Automatic load links from your websites

Manually add all the links of your website may be a hard job, do that automatically now!

Web Past and Future

How the web was in the past and how we wish will be in future.

Managing Websites Links

If you manage multiple websites you know how hard is to keep track of all the links check out how we can help.

Outbound Links Quality

Your outbound links matter for your website reputation, make sure they are correct all the times

New Way of Manage Links

Learn a completely fresh approach on managing links

Auto Fixing Links

Your website links get old and break, don't spend time fixing them let us auto fix them.

Sign Up Open for everyone

Is time for you to sign up, no more waits, no more excuses!

First Tiers Definition

Every User has different needs, here we go a set of tiers for each different use case.

Solve the internet problem

Your website and the websites you refer to are in constant change, let's explore how to keep the Internet content valid and meaningful over time.