Solve The Internet Problem

Anyone that ever built a blog, a show case website, a simple product documentation website, or any other website knows that Internet is a continuously evolving world, and when you try to refer to some third party content for enhance it, critique it, or simply just as a reference of work you have done, this references need to be maintained over time, each website evolve independently, removing content, changing it or even replace the content with a completely opposite meaning content, this means that we need to constantly track all our references for tacking action in case of a change.

For handle this problem are usually used tools like link checkers and link fixer, or even the WayBack Machine , these tools are often effective for solve the problem of websites removing content, link checker can easily spot a link that point to a "Not Found" page, link fixer can automatically change all the links that point to a "Not Found" to point to a page with a more valid content, and in some cases, if some removed content was recorded by the WayBack Machine is possible to change the link to point to a snapshot in the WayBack Machine with the original referred content.

This is pretty good but all these tools do not yet solve the harder problem, keeping the content valid and consistent, when a link become invalid often is needed to rework the original content that was referring to that link, or even remove completely remove it.

This is where URL Freezer come to play, URL Freezer is a personal link checker, link fixer and WayBack machine, where you control when the snapshot of the link content need to be taken. All the link mapped in URL Freezer will automatically redirect to the original link, till the original link is valid and has the same content and when the link was registered in URL Freezer. URL Freezer will periodically check the link and in case will produce a "Not Found" response or a completely different content, it will switch the link to return a copy of the content that the link used to return when it was registered.

In this way a website using URL Freezer will have every time valid content, no matter how much or how often other websites change, with no need to do any content maintenance!!! As well as far as third party website keep the same content, URL Freezer will just forward the link to the original website transparently, guaranteeing the deserved traffic to who originally create the content!

That's all folks, if you have a website, just join us Pricing & Sign Up and try the first version of URL Freezer