Auto fixing links

Maintaining a website is a daunting task, as far as you enjoy writing in it, tweak it to make it look good, and add content, often you find yourself to handle a less pleasant tasks, like checking if your website links are still online.

For help you on this there are a ton of tools, a simple internet search of "link checker" produce a huge list of tools depending on if you are using a CMS like Wordpress, or Joomla, or if you are building a static site with something like Jekyll or Hugo in all of the cases you have a big set of tools to check the correctness of your links.

All these tools are really helpful to find the problem, but do not give you any help on fixing it, this is up to you, you need to understand what content was related to the link that went offline, and how to change it to make sure that is still valid, even though sometimes you are just left with the chance to remove the content you hardly worked on.

Is it there a better way for handle that? Is it possible to stop links to go offline ? Well that is not that easy is impossible to control all the internet, what is possible though is trying to track all your links and their content to check when they change, and then build a tool that self fix all the links, And that is where URL Freezer came in, we do exactly that, we stop all your outbound links to go offline!