Web Past and Future

Back in the middle of the nineties(1990s) the web was invented, back in the origin it was quite different to what is today, for the first 10 good years the web was an extremely dynamic place, new websites born every day, a lot of changes, a lot of design attempt, like the old fancy GIFs, and every website was an experimentation table, from small special websites to big portals.

One big part of that time was the diversity, each website was a custom build and self managed website. A few years later the websites start to get a bit more complex and more interactive, starting to allow users not only to consume content but also to produce content, uploading images, posts, asking and replying questions, getting to an era of forums often really specialized on some specific topic, all still based on nicknames and privacy oriented design, that was the time when put your real name in a website would feel strange.

Right after that come up the time of the big websites, a time that last until today, where everyone uses mostly few websites mainly social media, that allow you to communicate with people that are often indirectly forced to use their real name, and where public posting is filtrated with algorithms and rules, in these times even the personal websites are often not any more independently managed, but part of a cloud of websites all build using the same technology, with the same design and style.

For the people that saw the early web, the today web look too complex, too bloated, too boxed, and also the younger generation without having seen what was the web at the origin feel like is missing something. So this bloated and boring web is starting sparking new movements like the Indie Web or the Fediverse, where people try to bring back that passion in creating something unique and independent, where what matter is just build something in the way the author want, independently of filters, likes or attraction score.

Here at URL Freezer we love the independent open web, we offer a free plan to everyone that has its own small website, and the nature of the services we provide is based on an open diverse web, URL Freezer naturally support a strong diverse web.