Wordpress speak to URL Freezer

If you dig a bit in the fabric of the internet, you discover pretty soon that almost half of the Websites online run on a single CMS (Content Management System), namely Wordpress.

If you want to open a blog, or start your e-commerce, or just build a show case website for your small local business, what you need to do is just use Wordpress, select the right template and the right plugin for it and you are ready to go online.

Here at URL Freezer we are pretty aware of the widespread use of Wordpress, and we want to help anyone use it to integrate with our services in the easiest way possible.

Because of that we purposely built a small plugin that you can find in the Wordpress list of plugins, specifically here , that allow you to gain all the potentiality of URL Freezer without the need to integrate any script manually, All you need to do, is build your website and make the internet great!