Outbound link quality

When managing a website, you will be managing outbound links, there are various reasons for you to have outbound links, let's list few of them:

Partner Site

You may link the website of a partner business, friend with common interest or for Link building .

Resource Referral

You wrote some content describing something, and you want to refer to the source where you got the information or indicate where to look for more details or access the specific data/service.

External Self Referral

You may link external resources or services that allow people to be in touch with you, like social and news media, or any rating and reputation website.

All your outbound links together with Back Links help to build up the reputation of your website on search engines, This is all good but with time internet evolve so your links can just go to offline (404 page) or direct to content that is not anymore what you meant to refer, degrading your website reputation.

To guarantee that your links are still online come in help link checking services like Small Seo Tool that check your whole website for any internal or external link not producing valid content, these are good tools but do not protect you from problem like "Soft 404" that is when the content is removed but not a proper error is returned.

Both broken link and soft broken link are bad quality links that bring down your website reputation, you need to check them often to make sure are not there and in case you find them you need to spend time find again a link that bring to the original resource, or reworking your content without the link.

A different approach is now possible with URL Freezer instead of manually check the websites and the content you refer to, you can let URL Freezer take a snapshot of the content of all your outbound links at the moment you use them in page of your website, and then let the URL Freezer checker to determine when a link goes offline or change content, and automatically switch to the snapshot of the original content.

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