Sign Up Open !!

The elite times are over, the whole world can join URL Freezer now!! For a while the only way to subscribe to URL Freezer was by receiving an invitation, since now is possible to sign up directly without any invite.

Do you have a website ? Have you ever got a 404 on one of your outbound links? Then you need URL Freezer we will check your links and make sure they still return a valid content! Not only we also check the content has not been changed and in case is changed we will make your link access a snapshot of the original content!

It does not matter if your website is a small personal site or a big high traffic website, or even if you have multiple websites, we got 3 different plans available that cover all the cases you need!

No time to lose, make sure your websites are working and are coherent, click the following pricing link to choose the plan perfect for you!