• How often a link is checked ?

    The periodicity of the link check is dependent to your account plan, it variate from a best effort checking in free accounts to precise and frequent check for payed plans.
  • Can I use URL Freezer links on social medias?

    No, URL Freezer links are designed to work only if accessed from your websites
  • How can I be sure no one else is using my links on their websites?

    A URL Freezer link if accessed coming from a website that is not listed on your own account will produce a page not found error
  • Can I use a URL Freezer link in multiple websites ?

    Yes payed plan allow to list multiple websites as link sources
  • How does long it takes from when a link goes offline and URL Freezer enable the snapshot

    The time from a content being changed and the snapshot being activated depends on the plan, Premium plans offer the shortest time