Managing Websites Links

When you manage multiple websites, often for third parties, getting some broken link on one of the website open a quite challenging problem.

First you need to detect the problem, and find which page of which website has the link that is offline.

Then you have to figure out the context of that link, often the page where the failing link is, has been written by a third party, and has a content hard to decipher for people that are not aware of the context.

When faced with this problem, there are only a few solutions, first solution is try to understand the content and fix it, this take time and require some domain knowledge, another solution could be go back to the original writer of the page, and ask to rework it, this may add some cost, and slow down a lot the speed which the page get fixed.

Here it came to help URL Freezer with our link snapshot feature we can make sure that all your links are all the time pointing to a valid and coherent content, leaving you the time to stay on a beach sipping a fresh drink.

Check our pricing page for find the best plan that suite your company and prepare to take a break.