New way to manage links

If you have a website you have been manually fixing your broken links since ever, now you don't have to do that anymore, we are offering you a completely new way to manage your links.

For any link you register in your URL Freezer account, we do:

  • Take a snapshot of the link destination page and save it
  • Produce a new link you can use in your website adding it manually or automatically with the installation script
  • Check periodically that the link is online and has the same content of the snapshot, the frequency of the check will depend on your plan
  • If a link goes offline or change we send you a notification e-mail, and we change the URL Freezer link to redirect you to the snapshot
  • If a link is still online with the same content will just transparently redirect to the destination link guaranteeing you peers the deserved traffic

So far your spent enough time rushing to fix offline links when some services notify you of that. Is time to automatize offline links management.